Boxers NOKI Can Become

Noki’s autism (neurodiversity) has given him the ability to become any fighter he wants. Why? He has watched thousands and thousands of hours of video of hundreds and hundreds of boxers. He has also lived in a boxing gym almost his entire life with his father who is a great boxing trainer. And Noki practices EVERY SINGLE DAY. Here are just a few of the boxers Noki has “become”:

Muhammad Ali

Alexis Arguello

Joe Frazier

Bill Conn

Jack Dempsey

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Willie Pep

Bruce “The Mouse” Strauss

Pernell Whitaker

Benny Leonard

James Toney 

Roberto Duran

Marco Antonio Barrera

Winky Wright

Roy Jones, Jr.

Joe Louis

Julio Caeser Chavez Sr.

Oscar De La Hoya

Juan Manuel Marquez

Freddie Pendleton

Archie Moore

Orlando Canizales

James J. Braddock

Sugar Ray LeonardMarvin Hagler