Noki Wins Award!!


Who is Noki? He is a young man with autism and is cared for by his elderly father.

Should Noki be allowed to be a professional boxer? That’s not easy to answer.


At what point can you allow a person with autism to make major decisions in his life?  Maybe it depends on the severity of his autism or maybe it depends on the risk he is taking.

Noki is a story about a young man with autism who chooses to put his life on the line and become a professional boxer.  Life’s circumstances have dictated the reason for him doing this but the lawless world of boxing also has its reasons for embracing Noki as well.  And they are not good ones. What few know is that Noki is a savant and can imitate and transform himself into any legendary boxer he wants.  

We welcome you to take a trip on this journey with Noki.  It starts with temptation and ends with redemption.  It is about telling the truth and being brave. It’s about dealing with society’s worst characters and still choosing right from wrong. But above all else, it’s just about a boy. A real boy who becomes a hero to others with special needs like him.